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Created 2022



Created 2002


A note to the reader:

Since you made it to my site - welcome. I’m glad you’re here. This site, meechio, serves as my creative half. It is a place that allows me to collect pictures, stories, memories, thoughts, and whatever else I want.

I created meechio to function as a time-capsule. I want a piece of my authentic self to be established so that in the future, myself and those I love can look through my past and relive my memories via the creations on this site.

During your time on the site, I hope you are able to pull something of use from meechio. I made the decision to publish meechio because the internet has the ability to cultivate communities of people and provide a space to share thoughts, ideas, and stories. While this platform is mainly about sharing my voice, I would love to hear yours as well.